The Most Ideal Injector Flow Bench

Injector Flow Bench. Cost is $18,400.00 plus freight. Three level intensity ultrasonic cleaning removes even the toughest deposits in under 20 minutes.

We constructed a redneck fuel injector flow bench test rig and used it from

It includes a description of using a strobe light to examine the injector spray pattern. I developed the software, hardware. Bosch ans siemens use the same.

With Injectors These Days Being 1000+ Cc, You Need To Flow The Injectors Individual At A Time To Keep Steady Testing Pressures.

Chloe and i make a fuel injector flow/test bench! This includes one year of single format data processing with our online server. The unit uses a micro controller to control the injector duty cycle and counts.

New Fuel Filters And Used Fuel System Components Were Used To Make The Test Panel.

Only $19.95 per injector (tbi, tpi, pfi) complete with data. In about 16 hours total time, working a couple hours at a time, a working flow bench was developed. It works really well and is cheap, you can make it out of parts you have laying around

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It Includes A Description Of Using A Strobe Light To Examine The Injector Spray Pattern.

Our machine (new age) allows the user to flow the injectors exactly as they operate while in the vehicle. This is still a quick and easy process but. Bosch ans siemens use the same.

Bmw Performance / Turbo Systems.

Features a laboratory grade flow meter, easily serviced 10 micron filter, usb data logging, a one year limited parts warranty. The magazine is gone, but this article remains. Fuel injector flow bench this project is an article originally published in the magazine performance engineering.

I Developed The Software, Hardware.

A 50% deposit is required upon ordering, with balance due before shipment. Cost is $18,400.00 plus freight. It describes an automated flow bench for fuel injectors, controlled by a pc.

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