The 5 Growing Violets

the 5 Growing Violets. Dip the end of the stem into yates clonex® purple rooting hormone gel , insert into potting mix, keep moist and a tiny new plant will develop in around 2 months. Violets can grow in a wide variety of climates, but they might not be possible to grow in your area.

African Violets Buying & Growing Guide
African Violets Buying & Growing Guide from

Keep moist but not wet, watering once or twice a week during dry periods. Also, lighting can be an issue. First, most climates don’t support outdoor growing for african violets year round.

If You Try Growing Violets Indoors, They Will Likely Get Very Spindly And Eventually Die.

All soil types are acceptable, but free draining sandy or light soils are preferred and will give ideal results. Seedlings should reach a certain size before they're transplanted, but plants. African violets grow nice and flat and are of uniform height, they are the most suitable plants of all to grow under lights.

Love Your Lone African Violet Plant?

Trailing african violets like to be planted in shallow pots with a minimum depth of about 2 inches. Sweet violet prefers to grow in rich, moist and shaded locations. Violets do best in full sun or partial shade, in soil that’s fertile with plenty of organic matter, and which drains well.

Either The Environment Is Too Cold Or Not Humid Enough For Their Liking.

In this guide, we’ll focus on helping your flowers to thrive indoors. Choose healthy leaves with around 3 cm of stem. It is an ideal plant for the general garden, borders,.

Grow Violets In A Woodland Garden, On Rockeries And Banks, At The Front Of Borders Or Under Shrubs With An Open Canopy That Only Cast A Light Shade.

African violets will thrive in bright, warm and humid conditions. It spreads across the fields and woodlands. These plants enjoy light shade but will also thrive in sunny locations.

How To Plant And Grow Violets Choose A Sunny Or Shady Area.

Wisconsin's state flower, wild violet takes root like a weed. We wouldn't recommend growing african violets outdoors for a few reasons. Choose healthy leaves with around 3 cm of stem.

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